Collected Prose Works of William Barnes

Collected Works

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William Barnes' reputation as one of the pre-eminent British "dialect" poets, the equal of Robert Burns and John Clare, is being increasingly recognized. The range of his writings is extraordinary as evidenced by the contents of this collection, which includes works on etymology, philology, topography, mathematics, ancient history and economics. This collection displays the full diversity of Barnes' considerable intellect. Included are major and lesser-known works, biographical pieces by Thomas Hardy, and the biography by his daughter, Lucy Baxter.

Table of Contents

Introduction Richard Bradbury 48pp Orra: a Lapland Tale \[1822] 37pp A Catechism of Government in General ... \[1833] 21pp A Few Words on the Advantages of ... Mathematics \[1834] 23pp A Mathematical Investigation of the Principle of Hanging Doors ... \[1835] 12pp An Arithmetical and Commercial Dictionary \[1840] 76pp An Investigation of the Laws of Case in Language \[1840] 49pp The Elements of English Grammar \[1842] 120pp The Elements of Linear Perspective and the projection of Shadows \[1842] 57pp Dissertation on the Dorset Dialect of the English Language \[1844] 37pp Se Gefylsta: an Anglo-Saxon Delectus, Serving as a First Class-book of the Language \[1849] 84pp Humilis Domus \[1849] 40pp reset A Philological Grammar, Grounded upon English \[1854] 322pp Notes on Ancient Britain and the Britons \[1858] 175pp Views of Labour and Gold \[1859] 190pp TIW: or, a View of the roots and Stems of the English as a Teutonic Tongue \[1862] 348pp A Grammar and Glossary of the Dors et Dialect \[1863] 103pp A Glossary of the Old Dialect of the English Colony in the Baronies of Forth and Bargy \[1867] 144pp Early England and the Saxon-Enlsih \[1869] 181pp An Outline of English Speech-Craft \[1878] 100pp An Outline of English Rede-Craft, with English Wording \[1880] 64pp A Guide to Dorchester \[c1881] 35pp A Glossary of the Dorset Dialect, with a Grammar of its Word Shapening and Wording \[1886] 132pp The Life of William Barnes \[1887] 372pp William Barnes, A Biographical Note, Lucy Baxter \[1894] 10pp Thomas Hardy

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