Reliques of Ancient English Poetry

Cultural Formations: The Eighteenth Century, edited by Nick Groom, University of Exeter, UK

, Cultural Formations: The Eighteenth Century

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'These are handsome volumes to possess, and an indispensable addition to any library.' - Landeg White - Times Literary Supplement

'\[This new edition] should restore Reliques to their rightful place in Romantic criticism after a long period in which the references to Percy have become somewhat formal and perfunctory.' - Landeg White - Times Literary Supplement

'This reprint of Percy's Reliques, with Nick Groom's scholarly work - which extends to a valuable appendix to Volume 3 on the late changes Percy made in and after the first edition - will be an invaluable tool in considering the stages by which the medieval was incorporated into the structures of national culture and ideology.' - Stephen Knight - Cardiff University

A seminal text in English literature, the Reliques is a collection of ballads, songs, romances and historical poetry, annotated with Percy's literary-antiquarian observations. The Reliques profoundly influenced writers from Thomas Chatterton to Wordsworth, Coleridge and Keats, and the Pre-Raphaelites. Works such as Scott's Waverley Novels and Wordsworth's Lyrical Ballads would not have been possible without Percy's pioneering collection. The publication of the Reliques marked the precise point at which early eighteenth-century neo-classicism became late eighteenth-century Gothic Romanticism, and it encouraged the revival of interest in national folklore across Europe. Until now the first edition has not been available to scholars of the eighteenth century and British and European Romanticism. A superb example period of publishing it contains additional scarce proofsheets, excluded from the original edition, and a new critical and bibliographical intro duction by Nick Groom, an authority on Percy's life and work.

Table of Contents

Volume 1: New Introduction by Nick Groom, Cancellanda from the first edition, Selection of proofsheets, Percy's original preface, New bibliography, Volume 2: Glossary of obsolete and Scottish words used in Volume I, Ballads, Glossary, Volume 3: Ballads, Glossary

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