The Methodology of Economics

Nineteenth Century British Contributions

History of British Economic Thought

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The nature of economic analysis was subject to a profound change in the second half of the nineteenth century. The "battle of methods" ("Methodenstreit") in Germany between the pure theory and advocated by Carl Menger and the empirically based historical methods of Gustav Schmoller is well documented, but the equally significant debates in the UK have not been as widely covered. This set charts this crucial transition between classical and neo-classical economics. Containing texts from such significant figures as: * J.S. Mill * J.E. Cairns * J.M. Keynes * Nassau Senior * Henry Sedgwick * Alfred Marshall The collection illustrates the gradual transformation of economics from the fully contextualized political economy of the early classical economists to the abstract, deductive theory of neo-classical economics.

Table of Contents

On the definition of political economy \[1836] The logic of the moral sciences \[1843] J S Mill 173pp, The Character and Logical Method of Political Economy \[1875] NJ E Cairnes 246pp, The Scope and Method of Political Economy and other essays on Methodology \[1891] J N Keynes 420pp, The Method of Classical Economics: 1827 - 1870 Senior, Jones, Malthus, McCulloch, Whewell 171pp, Historical Economics: 1870-1907 Cliffe, Ingram, Rogers, Ashley 195pp, Theoretical Economics: 1876 - 1914 Jevons, Lowe, Sidgwick, Bagehot, Foxwell, Edgeworth, Flux, McKenzie, Johnson, Wicksteed, Nicholson, Bastable 307pp, Marshall and Cunningham \[1885-1905] 299pp

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