Collected Works of James Beattie

Collected Works

James Beattie

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'A splendid addition to the Routledge/Thoemmes reprints. The reader has constant reason to be grateful. \[The] introductions make connections which give unity to the whole collection; they are informative and interesting, and provide unobtrusive but authoritative guidance ... The appearance of this extremely valuable Collected Works makes one more aware of how much eighteenth-century Scottish studies would benefit from a complete critical edition of Beattie's correspondence - and something of a sense of the magnitude of the task in producing one. The introductions to this set make many new letters available, for which we are additionally indebted to Robinson's thorough and thoughtful research.' - Susan Manning, The Newsletter of the Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society

Important in the history of the Scottish Enlightenment and eighteenth-century literature and thought, James Beattie was a figure of high reputation and influence in a variety of fields. Although undoubtedly a key personality of the time, there has never previously been a complete edition of Beattie's works. This collection of Beattie's works in prose and verse brings together for the first time his many-sided contributions, and allows an appraisal of his considerable achievements. His view on literary criticism and belles-lettres, at times anticipating the ideas of the Romantics, appear in the Essays on Poetry and Music and Dissertations Moral and Critical. His contribution to philosophical debate is represented by The Essay on Truth. The set also includes Forbes' Life of Beattie. Beattie's most enduring influence was arguably his poetry, with The Minstrel powerfully affecting Wordsworth and the Romantics. His most important poems are reproduced her e in the form in which they were known in the late Eighteenth Century. The final miscellaneous volume collects, for the first time, rare items which illuminate Beattie's character and the wide range of his interests.

Table of Contents

An Account of the Life and Writings of James Beattie \[1807] Sir William Forbes (2 volumes) 421pp/431pp An Essay on the Nature and Immutability of Truth, in Opposition to Sophistry and Sceptism \[1771] 568pp Essays on Poetry and Music \[1779] 525pp Dissertations Moral and Critical \[1783] 671pp The Evidences of the Christian Religion: briefly and plainly stated \[1786] (2 volumes) 188pp/157pp Elements of Moral Science \[1790/1793] (2 volumes) 453pp/695pp Original Poems and Translations \[1760] 202pp The Judgement of Paris \[1765] 34pp Verses occasioned by the Death of Revd Mr Charles Churchill \[1765] 15pp To Mr Alexander Ross \[1768] 4pp The Minstrel, the Two Books; with Some Other Poems \[1784] 121pp Miscellaneous Items 294pp

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