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Booklist Editor's Choice '97

Encyclopedia of Interior Design

Joanna Banham, editor. Hb; 2 volumes; 8 1/2 x 11; 1400 pages; illustrated. SET: 1-884964-19-2 $300.00. Published.

"The Rolls Royce of books on interior design. . . Buy this book. . . it's worth every penny." - Spectrum Radio, London

"An indispensible reference work covering all principal developments in interior design throughout the ages." - The Art Book Survey

"This project is unique and new. . . . A must purchase for large public and academic libraries." - Reference Books Bulletin

"The Encyclopedia of Interior Design will swiftly become the kind of book we cannot imagine ourselves without."
- Architectural Review

"The organization and content make this well worth its price . . ."
- American Reference Books Annual

From ancient Greece to Frank Lloyd Wright, studiola to smoking rooms, chimney boards to cocktail cabinets, and papier-mâché to tubular steel, the Encyclopedia of Interior Design provides a history of interior decoration and design from ancient times to the present day. It includes more than 500 illustrated entries covering a variety of subjects ranging from the work of the foremost designers, to the origins and function of principal rooms and furnishing types, as well as surveys of interior design by period and nationality all prepared by an international team of experts in the field. Entries on individuals include a biography, a chronological list of principal works or career summary, a primary and secondary bibliography, and a signed critical essay of 800 to 1500 words on the individual's work in interior design. The style and topic entries contain an identifying headnote, a guide to main collections, a list of secondary sources, and a signed critical essay.